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Tuesday August 6th 2013

Today’s Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW



6th August, 2013 by Lucy Shaw

The damage to vineyards in Bordeaux from a 10-minute hailstorm last Friday is now thought to be in the region of 20,000 hectares.

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6th August, 2013 by Gabriel Savage

A range of Italian wines whose Fascist imagery sparked controversy a year ago has attracted further condemnation after reappearing on the country’s shelves.

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6th August, 2013 by Lucy Shaw

A Filipino “wine” made from the sap of coconut palm flowers is hoping to capitalise on a growing thirst for coconut wine in Asia by launching in the Chinese market.

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17 Southern Italian whites

From Decanter:

Cooking Wine 101 [Infographic]

by Brandpoint (ARA) Sponsored Content

When a recipe calls for wine, do you grab for any bottle of red or white found on the shelf? It’s a better idea to use cooking wine, which is wine made for cooking. Not only does it cost less, but it has a longer shelf life, allowing you to continue making –and enjoying – the recipe several times over.

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Wine and Spirits Wholesale Distributor Martignetti Companies to Deploy Advanced Mobile Sales App for iPad from Ai2

One of our distributors new technology.

Wish they would give us Ipads!

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A lesson in the language of wine

By Lorn Razzano

For the Tidings

Posted: 2:00 AM August 06, 2013

This week we are going back to basics and exploring wine parlance, parlance used in the appreciation of wine as well as the evaluation of wine.

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Cutting-edge mixologists reinvent the wine cooler

Take the edge off summer with these do-it-yourself iced drinks

By MICHELLE LOCKE Associated Press

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Big squeeze for rare dessert wine

Vintner Ray Walsh ekes out a rich “straw wine” from “raisined” sauvignon blanc grapes.

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Light beer sales slump among 21 to 27-year-olds

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Jerry Garcia Inspires

 Workingman’s Ale, Limited Edition Beer

By Tamara Palmer

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Portuguese and Spanish researchers created an 80-proof concoction from raw coffee materials.


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Poisonous Snakes In Japanese Liquor Cures Men’s Sexual Dysfunction

One of the strongest wine in Japan is processed and manufactured using dangerous snakes which are believe to increase the energy level

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