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Wine Of The Day: Leonard Kreusch Maywine

May 15, 2013


April showers have brought us Maywine!
You “MAY” have heard about this wine BUT have you ever seen it or tasted it??
Well now is your chance! Every once and a while we see and taste things that are just amazing about the wine world.
Introducing a BLAST FROM THE PAST….
Leonard Kreusch Maywine – Light Wine flavored with Woodruff


Color: Very Pale Golden

Grapes:We tried researching this..all we know is White, but beyond that it didn’t say.
We do know the grapes of the region are:

Riesling 62.1%
Müller-Thurgau 20.7%
Elbling 9.5%

Being A German wine it starts with slight sweetness, BUT the finish is very refreshing with almost a glazed donut flavor.
Yes…Glazed donut…Overall it is very refreshing!
Woodruff is also involved.
What  is Woodruff?: Woodruff is a flowering herb-type plant.

It’s super-strongly scented, the scent originating largely from a chemical called coumarin.
You’ve probably encountered it in perfume – it’s sweet and floral and strong.
It’s a very strong rodent-killer and can be toxic to humans in much larger doses than anyone’s likely consume.
The Germans apparently love woodruff – it’s in everything from Maywine to brandy to sausages to jam to ice cream.
If you want an idea of how it tastes, think violets, but then make the violets white instead of purple.

May Wine is an old, traditional beverage that originated in Germany and is consumed throughout Europe.
Infusing white wine with Sweet Woodruff gives this libation an herbal flavor with green notes that are refreshing
and pleasant. Often served on May Day and at spring and early-summer weddings,
this beverage is perfect for sharing with friends and family during dinner parties,
backyard barbeques, picnics, and at other get-togethers. We think it would pair well with
any sweet grilling sauce!

May Wine was historically brewed during the May and June months when Sweet Woodruff is in flower,
but there is no need to restrict consumption to these months.  This light and refreshing herbal infused beverage is a perfect treat
that can be enjoyed throughout the year!

Are you curious??

750ml $10.99

6@ $9.89

12@ $8.79