Wine Web Site Of The Day: Wine Geeks

This is another wine site we are listed on. If you want to search wine reviews this is for you. When you enter your reviews the “pick down” list is GREAT! Choose country,region,vineyard EVEN grape % in the wine. You can add pictures and there is a 5 star rating for texture,aroma etc. Like the name you must be a real “geek” to enjoy. If your not a fan of wine points just wine reviews this is a great site to sign up for.

About Winegeeks

Ryan Snyder teamed up with wine aficionado Sunny Brown in 2004 to create Winegeeks. They were studying to become certified sommeliers through the Court of Master Sommeliers, and used Winegeeks as a means of recording all of their wine education and tasting notes penned in each of their weekly tasting sessions.

Winegeeks is a place for wine nerds and newbies alike to discover information about the world of wine. We encourage you to rate the wines you taste, so your friends and the Winegeeks community will easily filter through the swill to find the best wines to please their palates.

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