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Tuesday September 17th 2013

Today’s Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW


Today Is A Biodynamic ROOT Day

But Tonight Is A FLOWER Night.

Great To Taste Or Drink Wine!


Like a good wine: How your age affects your hangover

Contrary to popular belief, older people are less likely to report experiencing a hangover after a night of drinking, according to a new study from Denmark.


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Smarter Kids Are Smart Enough to Avoid Alcohol and Drugs, Right?

Maybe not. The latest study of twins shows that early bloomers may become heavier drinkers who start chugging earlier in life.

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Cheers! Alcohol doesn’t Cause Depression, Study Finds

Researchers from Australia say that there is no evidence that excess alcohol consumption can cause depression. The study was based on genetic mutations associated with lower alcohol tolerance.

Little to cheer for brewer as bug threatens Germany’s Oktoberfest

To the horror of German beer drinkers and producers alike, a potentially lethal bacteria has been found in the waste water at the Warsteiner brewer, the largest family-owned beer maker in the country.

An Italian Red Wine’s Star Turn

Intensely aromatic as well as affordable, Nero d’Avola just might be the next Malbec. Always in stock at Franklin Liquors!


16th September, 2013 by Lucy Shaw

Chinese former NBA basketball star Yao Ming has added a new red wine to his Yao Family Wines portfolio at his most wallet-friendly price point yet.

Establishing a ‘Cellar’

Advice on Starting A Wine Collection

 Society of Wine Educators

Certified Specialist Of Wine On Staff

How many tasting rooms are enough?

How Many Napa Tasting Rooms Are Too Many?

Dallas Businesswoman and Educator

Is the First and Only Texas Resident to Achieve

The Coveted Title of Master of Wine

Making wine in Maine all about having fun for Younity Winery owner

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New Black Velvet Flavors

Constellation’s Black Velvet Canadian whisky is launching a new flavor extension, Cinnamon Rush, into national distribution beginning this month. Available in 1-liter, 750-ml. and 50-ml. sizes, Cinnamon Rush is 70%-abv and retails at $12.49 a 750-ml. Constellation says Cinnamon Rush is geared toward the shot occasion—where it will take on Sazerac’s Fireball, Hood River’s SinFire and Brown-Forman’s Early Times Fire Eater, among other cinnamon-flavored brands—as well as cocktails. Cinnamon Rush is joined in the Black Velvet flavor stable by Toasted Caramel, which debuted a year ago.


Scientists ‘fingerprint’ firewater to bust US whiskey fraud

It’s usually something we associate with the latest season of CSI Miami but US scientists have now mastered the art of ‘fingerprinting’ fire water to help crack whisky fraud.


17th September, 2013 by Patrick Schmitt

North America will become New Zealand’s largest market for wine within two years according to Philip Gregan, CEO of New Zealand Winegrowers.


17th September, 2013 by Lucy Shaw

The presence of cork taint in wine shuts off signals from our noses to our brains, preventing the ability to detect other odours, Japanese scientists have found.

Great Joke On Video

Mans Friends Install Beer Kegs To All Water Lines In Home

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