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Saturday July 13th 2013

Biodynamic FRUIT Day.

Great To Taste Or Drink Wine!

Italian authorities crack down on ‘fake’ Prosecco
Tuesday 9 July 2013 by James Lawrence

Italian authorities have employed a local oenologist to combat the rising problem of ‘fake’ Prosecco
being sold in the Veneto region.
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Understanding U.S. Wine Laws – Know what you’re drinking!!!
by themodernsomm  Blog

What are wine laws?
Wine laws can create a higher standard and quality of wine production and tells you what Appellation the wine comes from. Appellation is just a fancy word for a wine growing area. Wine laws differ from country to country.

U.S. wine laws are known as the A.V.A. or American Viticultural Area.

Why are wine laws important to understand?
Knowing wine laws can help you to buy good wines or know what exactly you’re drinking. In the day and age of being conscious of where our food comes from, it’s pretty important to know where things come from. It can help you to learn where real quality grapes or wine comes from.

What countries have wine laws?
Most wine producing countries have their own system in place. While countries don’t have the same laws, they respect each other’s system in their respective countries as to not mess with the integrity of their wine.

Wine laws don’t always pertain to all wine, but rather to distinguish higher quality wines from wines that are maybe just a blend of many different grapes. U.S. wine laws for example have minimum percentage law(75% minimum) in order to allow wineries to say their wine is Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, etc…

Say a winery makes a red wine that is 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 20% Malbec. The laws prohibit that winery from calling the wine simply Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery would have to label it a blend and list the percentages on the label.

Another law in place is one that keeps the integrity of the appellation. Example: Napa Cabernet from Rutherford. Rutherford is a growing area within Napa Valley. In order for a winery to put the name Rutherford on their label, the grapes must be from Rutherford.

The same law would disallow a winery from putting “Napa Red Wine” on the label unless the grapes came from Napa Valley. If you see a wine label that simply says California Blend or California Red Blend that means the grapes likely come from many different sources from around California.

Do wine laws mean it will be a good wine?
No, it doesn’t mean the wine will better, but wine laws can let you know that it’s adhering to a certain standards. European wine laws are a bit more complex and go deeper than U.S. wine laws, but I will get into that later.

While it doesn’t guarantee a good wine, wine laws let you know what exactly you’re drinking.

My page on wine laws is coming very soon as well as post European wine laws!

Yours Truly,
-The Modern Somm

Large back-to-back harvests could mean lower prices.
By W. Blake Gray | Posted Friday, 12-Jul-2013

U.S. Heat Wave Makes Early Harvest Likely
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New European Union laws may put better wine on table
By Bill Daley
Chicago Tribune Staff Writer
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The Wine Drinker’s Best Beer Bets for BarbecueNontraditional beers for your backyard barbecue,
for the wine drinker in mind.
By Jim Laughren
Nontraditional beers for your backyard barbecue, for the wine drinker in mind
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Is Wine Out Really Magic For Cleaning Up Red Wine Spills?
6:13 PM, Jul 12, 2013
Tanya Rivera
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Wine is broadening its appeal
Jul 12, 2013, 12:44pm CDT
Lewis Lazare
Chicago Business Journal
“Snooty” is no longer where it’s at in the wine world, as consumption continues to climb in America.
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Make it yourself: Beer-can lantern from “Beer Crafts” book
Posted:   07/13/2013 12:01:00 AM MDT
Interesting Book Idea.
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More Beer is Good for the Heart?
Jul 12, 2013 05:08 PM EDT | By Dina Exil

A new study shows beer can improve heart health.
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